Why honour Kingibe?

Na’Allah Mohammed Zagga, Kaduna, Kaduna State, [email protected]:

What is the basis of awarding Baba Gana Kingibe a national honour side by side Chief MKO Abiola? This was a running mate who opportunistically deserted Abiola and abandoned him to his fate, and ignobly lapped up an appointment from dictator Sani Abacha, the military usurper.

President Muhammadu Buhari has been misled by including Kingibe on the honours’ list. Soldiers who run away from the battlefield are not decorated with garlands. Treachery should not be rewarded, lest our children perceive it as fashionable.

President Buhari can reward Kingibe for something else such as his diplomatic assignments by the United Nations, but he deserves no iota of recognition for his infamous role in driving a nail in the coffin of the June 12 struggle.

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